Hi! I'm Julie. This is my secondary blog, so if you see 'Jewelsify' around, that's me too!
I love to chat about Captain Swan and Once Upon a Time and especially Captain Killian Jones. Send me a message and let's be friends, okay?
and I will ALWAYS post credit to who made it if I know. (Most of the time I don't) If you kindly message me I will be more than happy to give full credit on the post where I used the gif. I will never post just a gif, which I could reblog from somewhere else. I am not intending to steal- I am using it in a new/creative/humorous way to express my love for my ship.
I mostly post Captain Swan stuff but I also love the Charming family and neat OUAT stuff, celebrities, and occasional random fun things

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Hello lovelies! So, because I’m mostly on my other tumblr and I miss you all, if we’re buddies, message me and I’ll give you guys my Skype. Remind me who you are please bc so many URLs have changed. <3

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Hiiiiii did we all survive last episode?

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In Which I Miss you Guys

OMG I miss you guys so much. I’ve been on my other tumblr for months now and I wish I weren’t so lazy. It’s not that hard to sign out of one and back into this one. *hugs each and every one of you* and thanks for the sweet messages and I will reply to all of them asap, okay?


when i say you can always come into my ask if you need to talk or vent or get an opinion on: what color tie to wear to the dance or tell me about how stressed you are about that test coming up or about what that mean person did to you at school or work or pretty much anything else as long as you are respectful and kind about it, I mean it ok 

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good morning! this is your OSL anon once again sending love your way!! so what is it about once upon a time that you love so much? for me, i adore the fairytale aspects and getting to see a new point of view for all of my favorite childhood stories.. i also am a huge fan of Emma and Regina, not only as a ship, but just the chemistry between them as women in general.. i cannot wait to see season 3. how about you? *BIG HUGS*


Yeah, I’m super excited about season 3. Killian is one of my favorite characters because he’s so complex. I love Charming Family feels and I think we’ll get a lot more this season so that’s awesome! *hugs* to my osl anon!

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OK so here's the thing: you have to tell me 5 facts about yourself then pass this on to 10 of your favourite followers. :) PS- this is your OSL anon sending you your love :) pay it forward ;)


Hi! Thanks! (I’m so sorry I’ve not been on this account much lately!) 5 things: OUAT got me into roleplaying, I wish I had my own Prince Charming, blue is my favorite color, my sleep schedule is really weird right now, I love dogs. How about you?

are you and charming gonna have the birds and the bees talk with Emma?



"Well, Nonnie, considering Emma has a child of her own, I think the time for that particular discussion is over. It’s unnecessary now, don’t you think?" image

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//Send me your anons I’m ready to have some fun with some answers :)

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When you come across people with really strange crackships